View the Under 9 Team 4 (Yellow) Fixtures & Results

Round 1 - West Coburg Vs Coburg Districts

In a tough encounter against a bigger, stronger opponent (who also out numbered us) our boys did an amazing job to keep fighting all game. Although we were out scored by Coburg Districts the effort from the Yellow team was excellent - especially first year players Arlo, Lucas, Jackson, Eliot and Charlie.
Sam got a nasty knock on the head in the 3rd quarter but was very brave to come back on and got even more of the ball when he returned. The pressure, tackling and attack on the footy from our experienced players Noah, Joe, Sam, Eli and James was very impressive and really showed the way with their willingness to keep trying all day. 
We look forward to seeing you all at training on Friday night.

Round 7 - West Coburg Vs Aberfeldie

The boys travelled down the road to take on Aberfeldie Park in beautiful conditions on Sunday morning. Today's captain, James led well with plenty of voice and winning some hard contests.

Frank and Noah were dangerous kicking some great goals, and it was really pleasing to see a few occasions (particularly Eli and Eliot) where the ball was shared to a team mate in a better position. The pressure and repeated efforts from Sam and Jackson gave the team a real lift, and helped us get back on track when they kicked a few unanswered goals.

In a high scoring affair, the team rules were being put to effect extremely well - especially by Tom (spreading and moving when we have the ball) and Kai who was excellent manning up when they were in possession.

But it was Charlie and Lucas who were our best performers today and collected the awards... Well done boys! Looking forward to next week's game.