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West Coburg FC Very Important News Update

We have great news to inform you that the Club has managed to convince the EDFL to re-schedule our Reserves 1st Semi Final against Glenroy from this Sunday to now play on Saturday 23rd August together with our Under 18.5’s and Senior teams.  So this Saturday’s bumper roster of finals at Essendon Football Ground (Windy Hill) is as follows:
1.       9.30am WC Under 18.5 vs Craigieburn (2nd Semi Final)
2.       11.45am WC Reserves vs Glenroy (1st Semi Final)
3.       2.15pm WC Seniors vs Tullamarine (2nd Semi Final
Fortunately common sense has prevailed and with this we as a Club can now support all three senior teams on the one day!  All supporters are encouraged to get to Windy Hill to show our collective support for three teams that have given us all a wonderful year of footy!
**Saturday Evening 23rd August: This Saturday evening around 6pm after the finals, the Club welcomes all supporters back to the Club rooms at Shore Reserve for a bite to eat and a drink.
Reminder Dates.
Friday evening 22nd August: Under 16 teams vote count night to be held at Shore Reserve Pavilion commencing 6.30pm.
Friday 29th August: West Coburg Parents End of Season Get Together.
The kids have had their fun now it’s the parents turn to let their hair down  and celebrate the year that was for the West Coburg Football Club. So come along and join friends old and new with good food music and fun.  Function to be held at our major sponsor Browns Hotel, Cnr Bell St & Sydney Rd, Coburg commencing 7pm, cost $25, drinks at bar prices.  Contact Karen Doherty on 0438 243 982, Rita Gauci 0409 216 706 or Milica Hubik 0400 166 678 or see attached flyer for details.
Friday evening 5th September:  The Junior teams Presentation Night for Under 10’s, Under 12’s and Under 14’s will be held at Shore Reserve commencing 6.30pm.  Further details to follow via email and on website but pencil this date in your diary/calendar.

Junior Finals and round 18 wrap

Hello all supporters and friends of West Coburg FC. Round 18 and junior Grand Final results! Couldn’t believe that on the eve of the last senior round and the Junior Grand finals that I get struck down with illness. I come home from work as crook as a flea ridden dog with no hind legs, my head ready to explode, forehead feeling hotter than a Turkish bath, and I’m coughing and spluttering like a clapped out 1969 Hillman Hunter. I’m a goner. I lay prostrate on the couch bemoaning my misfortune awaiting the’ lovely’ to arrive home from work and get me sorted. Nope! No such luck. The lovely takes one good look at me, retreats to the bathroom, comes back, throws me a box of Codral Cold and Flu, the tissue box, the Vicks Vapour Rub and proceeds to tell me I have MAN FLU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTH? Man Flu? I’m dying on the couch thinking I’ve caught the dreaded Ebola virus and that’s all she gives me? I need sympathy and a cure not belittlement. So Saturday morning I go to my trusted doctor expecting a fair dinkum proper prognosis and SHE tells me I have…………….. MAN FLU!! What is this? A 2010’s disease invented by the fairer sex? The Doc then proceeds to prescribe me antibiotics informing me that they are purposely designed for men in that we only have to remember to take one a day!! Talk about kicking a man when his down and out for the count. I want my mummy


What a weekend we had in football.  We had three remaining junior teams play off in their respective Grand Finals.  With one premiership trophy already in the trophy cabinet courtesy of our U14 Div 3 team, another three beckoned.  Regardless of the results, this has been a wonderful year for West Coburg at every single level.  The GF is the icing on the cake but let’s not forget that we have had 6 of 8 junior teams in finals and of the six, four played off in GF’s.  In addition we have three of our senior teams in finals.  Seriously, despite my man flu saga (which is big news in itself!!), 2014 has been simply the BEST!!!


The U10 Div 2 team got to the GF the hard way, playing two finals games in order to have the opportunity to play for PREMIERSHIP glory.  And that they did.  This was one heck of an exciting game and the skill level shown by the whipper snappers was impressive to say the least.  For those of you who didn’t venture out to Greenvale, let me tell you that this ground is bigger than Iceland. It’s huge.  It’s that big I would need a taxi to get me from one end to the other.  Throw in a howling southerly, I reckon a temperature drop of say 5 degrees compared to tropical West Coburg and you get the trying picture.  The players’ ability to kick a goal against the wind and their ability to defend the scoreboard was impressive.  The kids ran out winners against Taylors Lakes by 9 points.  Congratulations goes to all players:  El Nabbout, Marincic, Rocco, Jomini, Hubik, Evans, Calleri, Douvartzidis, Pennella, Leury, Freeman, Betsey, Sykes, Elnabbout,  Gaetano, Kumar, D’Amato, Desira, Ravalli, Ross, N. Saad, A. Saad, Zayat. A big thank you goes to:  Coach – Ben Ravalli, Assistant Coach – David Hubik, Team Manager – Tony Marincic and all parents who supported the kids and the officials.  Young Jack Calleri was awarded the EDFL’s B.O.G Award (Best on Ground)


Our U14 Div 6 came up against formidable opponent – Taylors Lakes.  This was a really tight fought game with neither team able to take a clear ascendancy throughout the game.  Our inability to capitalise on the wind advantage in the 1st quarter cost us dearly however the team had a terrific ‘never say die’ approach to the game. By ¾ time the team wrestled back a 2 goal lead however it was not enough to secure victory.  At game’s conclusion only 6 points separated the two teams.  It was an enthralling match.  Congratulations to all players:  Minniti, Varrese, Mihelakos, Boreham-Delaney, El-Khoury, Taranto, Willmer, Williams, Leeds, Zouzounis, McCoullough, Pilarinos, Black, D. El Nabbout, Griggs, Boado, Skazas, Robertshawe, M. El Nabbout, Marsland, Dib, Taleb, Cikes, D’Angelo.  A big thank you goes to: Peter Zouzounis (Coach), Stephen Robertshawe (Team Manager), Joe Taranto (Asst Coach) and all the parents who threw in their support throughout the season.

Our Under 16 Div 4 also got through to GF the hard way having to play two previous finals to get to this GF.  Its opponent was Marby Park who enjoyed a fortnight’s rest.  Like our U14’s, the team, the U16’s  failed to capitalise on the 1st qtr wind advantage scoring just 2 goals but also conceding two goals.  A second qtr blow out seeing Marby Park boot four unanswered goals made the rest of the match a challenge. To the team’s credit it rallied booting four goals in the 2nd half but it was not enough going down by 31 points.  Congratulations to all players in having a wonderful year and finishing on top of the ladder.  Congrats to: Vicendese, Vacirca,  Gerdtz, Hickman, Clements, Sim, Fisher, Ring, Del Prete, Menta, Slavich, Evans, Swale, Fontinos, Crowley, Totikidis, Kainey, Lockwood Spence, Thorneycroft, De Fazio, Vivona, Taburet, Blasic, Turner, Christou. A big thank you also to: Tony Ring (Coach), Stuart Swale (Asst Coach), Brian Sim (Team Manager) and all the parents who threw in their support throughout the season.


(Jack Calleri was awarded the EDFL’s B.O.G Award (Best on Ground))



The U18.5’s finished the season with uninspiring win against Hillside coming off its absolute belting of Glenroy the week before.  The team did what it needed to do to finish the season minor premiers, finishing the year on top of the ladder.  A great achievement indeed to the players and coaching staff headed by Shane Doyle.  The real task lies ahead with a 2nd semi final clash against Craigieburn this Saturday.

The Reserves were fighting to remain in the top four and needed to defeat Hillside.  That they did with a resounding 87 point drubbing.  What was even more impressive was that the team did it without an interchange bench.  Not wanting to risk injury to our U18’s team coach Ricky Baxter decided that the team would play without the help of an U18 player call up.  The team faces off this Sunday against Glenroy in a 1st Semi knock out final!


The Seniors really had nothing to play for, having sealed the minor premiership two weeks ago.  Notwithstanding this, our senior team, our Club’s flagship ran out comfortable 72 point winners against an undermanned and undersized Hillside.  The major concern is an injury to Abdi.  Let’s hope it’s nothing too serious and we get to see his magic come finals time.


Round 18 results and Junior Grand Finals


Under 10 Div 2 (GRAND FINAL) 2014 PREMIERS

WC: 2. 3 -15 defeated Taylors Lakes 0 . 6 -6

Goal Kickers: I. Marincic , J. El Nabbout 
Best Players: , J. Calleri , J. El Nabbout , Z. Evans , W. Hubik , N. Jomini , B. Rocco

Under 14 Div 6 (Grand Final) 2014 Runners Up

WC: 5. 11 41 lost to Taylors Lakes 6. 11 -47

Goal Kickers: N. Minniti 2, D. Varrese, S. Mihelakos, P. Boreham-Delaney 
Best Players:  T. Willmer , M. Taranto , M. El-Khoury , N. Minniti , S. Mihelakos , D. Varrese

Under 16 Div 4 (Grand Final) 2014 Runners Up

WC:  6. 3 -39 lost to Maribyrnong Park 10. 10 -70

Goal Kickers: J. Vicendese 4, S. Gerdtz , J. Vacirca 
Best Players: , K. Ring , B. Fisher , N. Sim , J. Vicendese , G. Clements , J. Hickman


Under 18.5

West Coburg: 9. 7 -61 def Hillside 7. 15 57

Goal Kickers: A. Zammit 3, J. Martini 2, C. Clemente 2, M. Zakkour , A. Taleb 
Best Players: , C. Martin , C. Doherty , A. Zammit , P. Martin , R. Saoud, W. Karaan


West Coburg: 22. 9 -141 def. Hillside 8. 6 -54

Goal Kickers: W. Seoud 6, C. Kyvetos 3, D. Troy 3, T. Campbell 3, M. Stumpo 2, D. Morrell 2, K. Saad , J. Morano , R. Peckham 
Best Players: , R. Peckham , M. Stumpo , M. Serruto , D. Troy , J. Morano , D. Morrell


West Coburg: 17. 10 – 112 def. Hillside 5. 10 – 40

Goal Kickers: A. Stewart 5, A. Doherty 2, A. Fitaax 2, R. Hudson 2, F. Akkari 2, S. Elmi , M. Abdulwahed,  O. Saad , J. Gloury 
Best Players: , A. Stewart , T. Baravi , M. Abdulwahed , A. Kelly , F. Akkari , M. Lilino

Juniors Grand Finals on Sunday 17th Aug

Junior finals fever culminates this Sunday with our Under 10 Div 2, Under 14 Div 6 and Under 16 Div 4 battling it out for Grand Final glory at Greenvale Recreation Reserve. This is a tremendous effort by the players and their coaching staff to reach this milestone and we wish them all success.

We would like to encourage everyone to get along to show their support for these boys and girls on Sunday. We would expect supporters to encourage our teams in a positive way and at the same time acknowledge the efforts of the opposition and not be critical of the umpires.

Everyone is reminded that they are representing the West Coburg Football Club and we expect all our supporters, parents and players to abide by our Code of Conduct – on and off the ground, face to face, and on social media The Code of Conduct is available on the club website.

Our teams grand finals matches are at

9.45am Under 10 Div 2 v Taylors Lakes
12.30pm Under 14 Div 6 v Taylors Lakes
2.20pm Under 16 Div 4 v Maribyrnong Park

It would be a tremendous outcome if these three teams can replicate the success of our Under 14 Div 3 who won their Premiership Flag last Sunday.

From 4.30pm supporters are welcome to come back to the Shore Reserve clubrooms to join the teams in a post-match barbecue and drinks.

Proud to be West

David Gloury

Glen Weaver
Vice President

Round 17 and Junior finals wrap

Hello all supporters and friends of West Coburg FC.

Round 17 and junior finals is in full swing. ‘Go West’!

I flagged to the ‘lovely’ that after the footy season, I’m thinking of buying ‘us’ a boat!! Explained that we could catch up on quality time catching fish and chewing the fat after what has been a wondrous but hectic footy season. Needless to say that my unselfish act of kindness and giving, the joy of catching flatties and snapper on the bay went down like a well weighted lead balloon!

‘I’m over it’ the lovely declared. ‘When am I going to get our life back, this football stuff is going on and on and on’. I scratch my follicly challenged cranium in bemusement. What the heck is she thinking?? Why is it she can’t: smell the freshly cut grass or the scent of wattle in the air, sense the excitement of West Coburg in finals all over the place, yearn for the snapper to come sailing into the bay, the Spring Racing Carnival just around the corner, my birthday (in need a new tackle box), Chrissy, summer holidays. It doesn’t get any better than this. Finals time signals that it is all downhill from here!!!!!!!!!! I guess that Chinese bloke Mr Yin Yang had me and the lovely half worked out a long time ago. Certainly opposites!! She’s a ripper the ‘lovely’. xox.

The juniors had three teams in finals action last Sunday. Our whipper snapper U10 Div 2 team clashed with next door neighbour – Pascoe Vale (Pacco) in their ‘do or die’ Preliminary final. Played in trying conditions out the ‘Back of Burke’ (East Sunbury), the team slugged out a sensational win that sees them in a GF against Taylors Lakes.

Our U14 Div 3 team was the first WC team playing off in a 2014 GF. The match started off in a tight contest with only a goal separating the teams at ¼ time. Come the 2nd quarter, we kicked four unanswered goals and the rest, as they say, is history, with the team running out 16 point champions! Team captain Kyle Keuris was awarded the EDFL BOG (Best on Ground) for his role in the GF. A BIG congrats and thank you to Super Coach Ray Freeman in taking on the team at the beginning of the year, his team manager Enio Favero and all the support parents. Well done to the players: Karlsson, Clayton, Taleb, Meehan, Doherty, D. Watson, Keuris, Rebeschini, P. Patrikios, Freeman, Favero, Francione, McArdle, J. Watson, Crowley, Paschalis, G Patrikios, Drummond, Gulam, Trovatello, Hunter, Luisetto, Kowlessur, Horo. Enjoy!

Our Under 16 Div 4 had their backs to the wall in their Prelim against Hillside. Coming off a heartbreaking 6 point loss in last week’s 2nd semi, the team had to find resolve to reboot their premiership aspirations. Needless to say this was all put behind them when the team booted 6 first quarter goals ensuring a rematch with Marby Park next Sunday in the BIG ONE!

Like the previous week, the Under 18.5’s were expected to win their game against lowly Glenroy, but no-one expected this ‘well oiled’ machine to do a number on them. Did we see a team that finally believes in itself? Or was it a figment of my imagination? I trust it is the former. In a stunning team display, the 18’s provided the Roys a good old fashioned hiding, winning by what must be a Club record TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY points!!

The Reserves were fighting for a top four position against well rated Glenroy. A win would cement another finals campaign, a loss would put the team on the brink of missing out. Unfortunately we did not put up much of a fight and as a consequence got spanked by 50 points. A lot of soul searching needs to be done this week by this playing group. As has been said many times before, ability alone counts for little if fitness and team unity is missing. The side precariously sits in fourth position on %. A win against Hillside beckons and with it, an opportunity to play finals again.

On the other hand the Seniors cemented top of the ladder with an emphatic win over rivals Glenroy winning by 71 points. It was a welcome return for club captain – Robbie Hudson who has missed the past four weeks with injury kicking two goals. The man with two first names ‘Alex Stewart’ booted 6 majors, while ‘Bravo’ Baravi continues to scintillate with his skills. Debri Kutroli was solid at half back, as was Lucas. ‘Ned’ Kelly was measured with his disposal while the ‘Smiling Assassin’ Marwan was up to his usual best breaking packs and delivering missile passes. It was great to see Meki Lilino hit great form. One more round to go but it’s not the time to be complacent.

(Kyle Keuris – Team Captain, receiving the EDFL Best on Ground award)

At junior level, finals continued to be played over the weekend. Unfortunately our U10 Div 6 lost a nail biter by 8 points to Hillside which put pay to their otherwise very successful season, the U10 Div 2 got spanked by Taylors Lakes in their 2nd Semi final, but live another day playing in next weekend’s preliminary final, the U14 Div 6 won their 2nd semi final against Taylors Lakes by 44pts and go straight into their GF in a fortnight, The U16 Div 4 lost their 2nd semi to Maribyrnong Park by a heartbreaking 6 points but also get a second chance in a preliminary final this coming weekend.

Round 17 results and Junior Finals

Under 10 Div 2 (Preliminary Final)
WC: 1. 2 -8 def. Pascoe Vale 0. 5 -5
Goal Kickers: J. Pennella
Best Players: , J. Calleri , A. Saad , A. Zayat , Z. Evans , E. Ross , W. Hubik
Under 14 Div 3 (Grand Final) **PREMIERS for 2014**
WC: 8. 4 – 52 def. Westmeadows 5. 6 -36
Goal Kickers: H. Clayton 2, B. Karlsson 2, L. Crowley , J. Meehan , O. Taleb , D. Watson
Best Players: K. Keuris (Kyle was awarded EDFL Best on Ground in the GF), B. Karlsson , B. Freeman, P. Patrikios , O. Taleb , J. Rebeschini
Under 14 Div 6
WC: Bye – Play in this Sunday’s GF
Under 16 Div 4 (Preliminary Final)
WC: 12. 6 -78 def Hillside 8. 11 -59
Goal Kickers: D. De Fazio 3, J. Vicendese 2, S. Gerdtz , J. Hickman , B. Fisher , N. Sim , J. Vacirca , M. Christou , J. Lockwood Spence
Best Players: , J. Hickman , K. Ring , B. Fisher , J. Lockwood Spence , M. Del Prete , M. Taburet
Under 18.5
West Coburg: 40. 24 – 264 def. Glenroy 2. 2 -14
Goal Kickers: J. Martini 9, M. Zakkour 7, P. Martin 5, A. Taleb 4, T. Pavlov 3, E. Kuyucu 3, C. Nabbout 2, R. Saoud 2, B. Vear 2, D. D”Cruz , W. Karaan , C. Martin
Best Players: , P. Martin , J. Martini , A. Zammit , M. Zakkour , B. Vear , T. Pavlov
West Coburg: 7. 8 -50 lost to Glenroy 15. 10 -100
Goal Kickers: M. Stumpo 2, D. Troy 2, B. Hopkins , S. Mete , M. Webb
Best Players: , J. Morano , B. Hopkins , M. Stumpo , S. Bowie , F. Kirby , M. Serruto
West Coburg: 17. 21 -123 def. Glenroy 8. 4 -52
Goal Kickers: A. Stewart 6, F. Akkari 2, R. Hudson 2, R. Weightman , D. Kutrolli , T. Baravi , A. Fitaax , S. Elmi , T. McMillan , P. Schwalger
Best Players: , A. Stewart , T. Baravi , D. Kutrolli , M. Lilino , A. Kelly , D. Lucas

Round 16 Wrap.

Hello all supporters and friends of West Coburg FC.

Round 16 saw a trip down the Tulla Fwy to Westmeadows. The mind wandered as the temptation was there for me and the ‘lovely’ to absolutely bypass the Mickleham Rd turn off, call Simon our personal pilot and have him get our learjet fired up, have the hot tub and bubbly at the ready together with the lovely’s favourite bath soap (Imperial of course!) and take us anywhere that is hot! ‘Tahiti looks nice’ the lovely whispered in my ear, ‘Simon! Tahiti’ I barked. ‘Roger, Wilco’. GRHHHHHH, not to be, as I’m violently prodded in the ribs to get in the left lane and exit. So rather than Tahiti me and the lovely land at the pearly gates of Gladstone Park, gateway to Westmeadows!

The juniors had four of five teams looking at progressing their finals campaign, the U18.5’s were looking to consolidate top spot on the ladder, the Reserves were attempting to regain momentum with the finals only weeks away and realistically only fourth spot up for grabs and the Senior team were looking at regaining its mojo after its first loss for the season last week.

The Under 18.5’s were expected to win their game against the ‘meadows and that they did. Although running out comfortable 43 point winners, the winning margin should have been a lot higher with many wasted opportunities in front of goal. Scary fact: The Under 18’s kicked the exact same score line two weeks in succession: 13. 20 -98!!

The Reserves were always going to be in for a tough assignment against second placed ‘meadows. On paper we had the cattle to win this crucial game as the team sits precariously in fourth place with only % separating it from fifth position. From a distance, there just did not seem to be the sense of urgency amongst the playing group. It will be a shame if the Reserves miss out on the finals given the quality within. With players returning from injury I’m confident that our boys can stare adversity in the Glenroy face and get themselves over the line. I win will ensure a place in the finals. How wonderful will that be? All three senior WCFC teams in the finals!

It was fair to say the seniors were smarting after its first loss of the season last week. It needed to reassure itself that the loss was a glitch and the footy world needed reassurance that the wheels had not started to fall off. The team welcomed back Cleary and Abdallah back from Coburg VFL, while Lucas was a welcome return from injury. Needless to say that Cleary was potent up forward with five goals (should have been a lot more). Having both he and Stewie (Alex Stewart) up forward was a luxury other teams only wish to have. Weightman was back to his old form up back, Baravi continues to be a revelation, Abdi was back in fine touch around the ground and up forward, while the Unit (Doherty) was killing them in the ruck. Although the team ran out comfortable 84 point winners, the scoreline should have shown a significantly bigger margin had we kicked accurately in the first quarter. Oh, what coulda, shoulda, woulda!!

(Abdi taking a specki)rnd16_2

(Senior’s action pics vs W’meadows, courtesy Ian Ross)

At junior level, finals continued to be played over the weekend. Unfortunately our U10 Div 6 lost a nail biter by 8 points to Hillside which put pay to their otherwise very successful season, the U10 Div 2 got spanked by Taylors Lakes in their 2nd Semi final, but live another day playing in next weekend’s preliminary final, the U14 Div 6 won their 2nd semi final against Taylors Lakes by 44pts and go straight into their GF in a fortnight, The U16 Div 4 lost their 2nd semi to Maribyrnong Park by a heartbreaking 6 points but also get a second chance in a preliminary final this coming weekend.

Round 16 results and Junior Finals

Under 10 Div 2 (2nd Semi final)
WC: 1. 1 -7 lost to Taylors Lakes 7. 0 -42
Goal Kickers: J. El Nabbout
Best Players: , J. Calleri , J. El Nabbout , I. Marincic , M. Sykes , B. Rocco , J. Ravalli
Under 10 Div 6 (Preliminary Final)
WC: 3. 2 -20 lost to Hillside4. 4 -28
Goal Kickers: W. Upton 3
Best Players: , W. Upton , G. Vecchie , J. Casley , M. BalaamGunderson , H. Berman , M. Gibilisco
Under 14 Div 3
WC: Bye (had week’s rest)
Goal Kickers: n/a
Best Players: n/a
Under 14 Div 6 (2nd semi final)
WC: 11. 8 -74 def Taylors Lakes 4. 6 -30
Goal Kickers: A. Taleb 3, P. Boreham-Delaney 3, B. Boado , L. Leeds , M. El Nabbout , M. El-Khoury , C. Dib
Best Players: , M. Pilarinos , B. Boado , B. Robertshawe , A. Taleb , M. Zouzounis , M. El-Khoury
Under 16 Div 4 (2nd semi final)
WC: 6. 7 -43 lost to Maribyrnong Park 6. 13 -49
Goal Kickers: J. Vacirca 2, J. Crowley , J. Vicendese , S. Gerdtz , B. Fisher
Best Players: , A. Turner , J. Hickman , B. Fisher , G. Clements , N. Sim , K. Ring
Under 18.5
West Coburg: 13. 20 -98 def. Westmeadows 8. 7-55
Goal Kickers: J. Martini 5, P. Martin 3, C. Doherty 2, A. Zammit , E. Kuyucu , M. Hazouri
Best Players: , W. Karaan , P. Martin , C. Doherty , J. Martini , A. Zammit , B. Vear
West Coburg: 13. 10 -88 lost to Westmeadows 15. 7 -97
Goal Kickers: J. Morano 2, M. Webb 2, J. Drake 2, R. Peckham , A. Piccolo , D. Troy , M. Stumpo , B. Hopkins , C. Nabbout , S. Anchen
Best Players: , M. Stumpo , S. Anchen , B. Hopkins , J. Morano , S. Mete , T. Campbell
West Coburg: 19. 18 -132 def. Westmeadows 7. 6 -48
Goal Kickers: R. Cleary 5, A. Fitaax 4, O. Abdallah 3, A. Stewart 2, F. Akkari , O. Saad , T. McMillan , F. Akkari , T. Baravi
Best Players: , O. Abdallah , A. Doherty , D. Lucas , R. Weightman , T. Baravi , A. Fitaax