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Bingo! Friday May 22


This Friday (May 22) is Bingo Night!

Bingo is happening this Friday at the West Coburg Bowling Club.  Tables seat 8-10, so get a bunch of your mates together, call Rita or Milica (see below) to book and come on down.  $10 entry, payable at the door.  Remember to bring small coins for the various games.


It’s a great night for the whole family – and we’ll be having Sausage Sizzles to take the stress of Friday Night dinner out of the way.  The BBQ will begin from 6:30pm to a 7:30pm start.  A couple of volunteers – BBQ chefs and some kitchen maids / blokes on the night would be appreciated.

This is a non-BYO event (even for soft drinks), so please leave the drinks at home.




We are still seeking donations of prizes for the night.  If you’re able to help, please contact your team’s fundraising rep.  Suggestions:

iTunes vouchers, Rebel sport vouchers, Footy cards, Movie tickets, Food Vouchers, Games, Balls, Chocolates, Wine, Candles etc.  Don’t forget the girls!

Kids ages will range from 6 to 16 so anything that you can donate will be really appreciated.  If you can’t donate an entire item / voucher, then passing on as little as $5 to your rep will allow us to buy some.

Sportsman’s Night



The West Coburg Sportsman’s Night is on again, to be held on Thursday June 4 at Shore Reserve, starting from 7:30pm.

Our special guest will be Gary Ayres, with Phil Cleary as MC.  More names hopefully soon.

Tickets are $35 each, or $30 if you’re a WCFC Social Member or part of Club 250.  Finger-food will be provided and drinks will be at bar prices.

Tickets are now on sale at Shore Reserve, or contact president@wcfc.com.au to make arrangements.

Get in fast as seats are limited.

Round 7 Junior Fixtures

The EFDL have released fixtures for Round 7 Junior matches.  These are available through wcfc.com.au under 'Fixtures / Results’.  We expect that in the coming weeks fixtures for the remainder of the season will become available.

U16 Div 1 – Home vs Strathmore (2:35pm)
U16 Div 4 – Home vs Aberfeldie (12:30pm)
U14 Div 2 – Home vs Airport West (11:00am)
U14 Div 6 – Away vs Keilor Park (11:00am)
U12 Div 2 – Away vs Oak Park (11:00am)
U12 Div 5 – Away vs Burnside Heights (12:15pm)
U10 Div 1 – Away vs Strathmore (8:30am)
U10 Div 6 – Home vs East Keilor (9:45am)
U8 Team 2 – Home vs Keilor (8:30am)
U8 Team 1 – Home vs Airport West (8:30am)

Please watch for further details from your Team Managers during the week.

Round 6 in Review

Round 6 Review


This round bought to you by

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From the Pres.
David Gloury, President
We’ve passed the 1/3 point of the Home and Away season for Junior and Seniors, and there’s a lot about to happen around the Club to get involved in. 
  • This Friday night (May 22) at the West Coburg Bowling Club is the Club’s Family Bingo Night.  It’s always a great night with prizes. games and entertainment for all.  BBQ kicks off at 6:30 and games start at 7:30.  $10 entry at the door and includes game sheet.
  • This Saturday the Seniors are back at home against Airport West.  We’ve had few rough rounds against the top-end teams, and after a narrow loss to Marby last weekend, we’re gearing up for a win.  Come along and support the boys and try to head into the rooms after the game to mingle.
  • Also this Saturday is our first Exclusive Members Function at the City Oval rooms over half-time and the 3rd quarter of the Seniors.  Food and drink provided for Social and Club 250 members; if you want to get on board, you can sign up at the door.
  • Our Don Bosco Pizza Night is on for U8’s, U10’s and U12’s on Tuesday June 2 (U12) and Wednesday June 3 (U8’s & U10’s).  Watch your email for details.
  • Finally, our Sportsman’s Night is happening Thurs June 4th at Shore Reserve.  Phil Cleary will be MC’ing, with special guest Gary Ayres.  More names to be announced.  Things kick off at 7:30pm.  Tickets are $35 / head or $30 / head for social or Club 250 members.  Drinks at bar prices.  Tickets on sale from Thursday at Shore Reserve, or email me at president@wcfc.com.au.  Seats are limited – you know the drill.
Finally, you mightn’t be aware but every Thursday night at Shore is Senior Training and Team Selection. We put on a bit of spread, the bar gets opened and everyone enjoys a bit of down-time in the lead-up to the weekend game.  I encourage you to come down over the next couple of weeks just to see what it’s all about.

Digger’s Debrief – Senior Coach Review
Great teams take opportunities when they arise and our match on the weekend was a day when we had those openings but shut the door on ourselves.  Missed conversions, untimely discipline and poor skill ultimately cost the match by 7, and the 4 points on the ladder.
To the boys’ credit the game was in the balance until the final siren, with Marby being in front at the critical time.  We jumped out of the blocks on the back of some fantastic pressure from our mids and some magic up forward from Abdi.  We had 16 inside 50’s to 8 but unfortunately we kicked 1 goal 5 in the first and two points in the second.  This conversion rate was obviously not up to standard.  On the back of Moe Saad, Omar Saad, Marwan and Omar Abdullah in the middle, and a controlling back six we controlled most of the first half without gaining the dominance on the scoreboard.  Our forwards were finally given a chance one-on-one and that showed in our increased shots on goal.  Tom McMillan, Jesse Morano and Fo Akkari were all dangerous, with Tom Pryde working hard in Jordan Gloury’s absence.
As we tired our decision making and skill consistency dropped, putting everyone under pressure.  Simple football basics like getting off the mark, momentum when you kick and knowing your teammate’s strengths and weaknesses allowed Marby to gain the upper hand.  With the scores equal at 3-quarter time I thought our run and carry would be enough to win the game, but we needed to remember to take the game on, especially when it is in the balance.  We retreated only slightly to kick down the line and not stick to what had been successful for us all day.
A great learning curve for everyone on the ground.  I was proud of the boys’ efforts, the way we took the game on and got back to playing smarter football.  This is hopefully another stepping stone in playing week-in, week-out competitive Premier Division football.  Chins-up and always look to improve!
Special mention goes to Shaun Bowie who played his first senior game for the Club, and although breaking his finger in the second quarter, played out the game with great tenacity.  Winners on the day: O. Saad, M. Saad, A. Kelly, Fo and Fuzz Akkari, Setanta.

Senior Premier Division – LOST by 7
West Coburg            13.13 (91)
defeated by
Maribyrnong Park        14.14 (98)
Goal KickersF. Akkari 3, J. Morano 3, A. Fitaax 2, T. McMillan , O. Saad , F. Akkari , T. Pryde , J. Layley

Best PlayersO. Saad , A. Kelly , J. Morano , M. Saad , T. Watterson , F. Akkari
Ladder Position: #8
Premier Reserves – LOST by 43
West Coburg            6.8 (44)
defeated by
Maribyrnong Park        12.15 (87)
Goal KickersT. Campbell 3, J. Martini 2, E. Kuyucu

Best PlayersD. McMillan , F. Qunqar , M. Serruto , T. Campbell , S. Mete , S. Anchen

Ladder Position: #6
U18.5 Premier Division – WON by 33
West Coburg            16.11 (107)
Maribyrnong Park        10.14 (74)
Goal KickersW. Karaan 4, J. Marino 3, T. McRostie 2, D. Cleary , D. D''Cruz , J. Abruzzese Board , C. Nabbout , C. Clemente , A. Dounias , A. Zammit

Best PlayersJ. Marino , A. Zammit , G. El Rahi , S. Dean Spagnolo , M. Michienzi , W. Karaan

Ladder Position: #4

Round 7 Preview
U16 Division 1 – WON by 32
West Coburg            11.13 (79)    
Craigieburn            6.11 (47)


Goal Kickers: J. Rocco 5, A. Daquino 4, M. Borg , C. Dibella 
Best Players: A. Daquino , N. Sim , L. Manago , D. Thorneycroft , I. Moussa , J. Rocco

Ladder Position: #5

U16 Division 4 – WON by 50
West Coburg            13.10 (88)
Taylors Lakes            5.8 (38)        

Goal Kickers P. Patrikios 3, S. Dicello 2, J. Swale 2, P. Boreham-Delaney 2, A. Menta , D. Watson , J. Fotinos , B. Karlsson 

Best PlayersC. Thorpe , D. Watson , J. Papacostantinou , J. Lockwood Spence , J. Swale , P. Patrikios

Ladder Position: #3

U14 Division 2 – WON by 87
West Coburg            17.15 (117)    

Aberfeldie            4.6 (30)        

Goal KickersL. Francione 4, T. Willmer 3, M. El Nabbout 3, N. Minniti 2, J. Meehan , L. Tsakmakis , J. Horo , S. Mihelakos , M. Khodr

Best PlayersK. Yehia , M. Khodr , E. Rinaudo , N. Minniti , J. Drummond , L. Francione
Ladder Position: #1


Thomas Willmer runs on for his 100th game with U14/2

U14 Division 6 – WON by 47
West Coburg            9.18 (72)

Hillside                3.7 (25)

Goal KickersM. Salvatori 2, L. Caruso , C. Murphy , A. Leggieri , T. Lally , S. Black , M. Cassarino , N. Turner

Best PlayersM. Salvatori , A. Leggieri , M. Cassarino , P. Dounias , P. McCallum , D. Gulam

Ladder Position: #3

U12 Division 2 – WON by 7
West Coburg            5.6 (36)    
Glenroy                4.5 (29)

Goal Kickers: Y. Saad 2, J. Caligiuri , E. Ross , F. Cathcart

Best Players: Z. Evans , A. Lunardi , C. Matthews , R. Gauci , G. Cox , G. Kallianis
Ladder Position: #5
Callum Matthews’ almost-screamer
U12 Division 5 – LOST by 100
West Coburg            0.2 (2)
defeated by
Taylors Lakes            15.12 (102)
Goal Kickers: None
Best PlayersH. Berman , O. Cattlin , Z. Freeman , T. McArdle , A. Zayat , C. Combridge
Ladder Position: #8
U10 Division 1 – LOST by 47
West Coburg            2.0 (12)
defeated by
Taylors Lakes            9.5 (59)    
Goal Kickers: None

Best Players: S. Desira , M. BalaamGunderson , L. Nichols , G. Vecchie , A. Enderby , T. Mavropoulos
Ladder Position: #4
U10 Division 6 – LOST by 27
West Coburg            0.1 (1)
defeated by
Glenroy                4.4 (28)
Goal KickersNone
Best Players None Reported
Ladder Position: #8
No scores kept

Don Bosco Pizza Night


U8, 10 & 12 players are invited to this year's West Coburg Don Bosco Pizza Night, to be held at Don Bosco Youth Centre at 715 Sydney Road.  This is a free social event put on by the Club – enjoy the trampolines, pool tables and other facilities of Don Bosco before  everyone breaks for a massive Pizza Dinner.

  • U12's have their night on Tuesday June 2
  • U8's and U10's have theirs on Wednesday June 3

Players will be in the care of coaches and team officials for the night.  They can be dropped off at 5:30pm and picked up at 7:30p, although parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the noise.

This is a players-only event, so please no siblings.

Exclusive Members Event May 23


Social and Club 250 Members,

You're all invited to join your fellow WCFC Social Members for an Exclusive Members afternoon at City Oval on Saturday May 23 to coincide with our Round 7 match against Airport West.

Enjoy free beer and food in the Social Rooms at City Oval during the half time break and throughout the 3rd quarter.  Watch the game, catch-up with other members or just relax with the WCFC Member experience!

Come along and go into the draw for 2 x Medallium Club tickets at Etihad Stadium.

Memberships are the foundation of our Proud Club we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you.


Come along on the day and sign-up on the spot.  The Club has two kinds of social memberships available:


Junior Team Photos


Junior team photos will be taking place Thursday May 14 and Friday May 15 (This Week).  Photos are compulsory so ALL players need to attend training on the specified nights, regardless if you are intending to purchase photos or not.

Photos will be be taken at Brearley Reserve for all teams.  Please arrive at the ground at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time.  DO NOT go onto the ground until you’ve had your photo taken.

Players are to wear full Club uniform (clean Club jumper – no t-shirts or singlets underneath), black shorts, Club socks and clean football boots.
Team Officials are to wear Club polo, long black pants or jeans.  No work shorts boots or training gear.

Thursday, May 14
5.00pm      Under 16 Team 1 (Div 1) and Team 2 (Div 4)
6.00pm     Under 14 Team 1 (Div 2)
6.45pm      Under 14 Team 2 (Div 6)

Friday, May 15
4.30pm       Under 8 Team 1 and 2
5.00pm       Under 10 Team 1 (Div 1)
5.45pm       Under 10 Team 2 (Div 6)
6.30pm       Under 12 Team 1 (Div 2)
7.15pm    Under 12 Team 2 (Div 5)

Individual teams may elect to have a short training session at Brearley Reserve after photos have been taken.  Please check for instructions from your coach or team manager.

Round 6 Junior Fixtures

The EFDL have released fixtures for Round 6 Junior matches.  These are available through wcfc.com.au under 'Fixtures / Results’.  We expect that in the coming weeks fixtures for the remainder of the season will become available.

U16 Div 1 – Home vs Craigieburn (2:35pm)
U16 Div 4 – Away vs Taylors Lakes (2:20pm)
U14 Div 2 – Away vs Aberfeldie (12:30pm)
U14 Div 6 – Home vs Hillside (12:45pm)
U12 Div 2 – Home vs Glenroy (11:15am)
U12 Div 5 – Home vs Taylors Lakes (9:45am)
U10 Div 1 – Home vs Taylors Lakes (8:30am)
U10 Div 6 – Away vs Glenroy (9:45am)
U8 Team 2 – Away vs Keilor (8:30am)
U8 Team 1 – Away at Keilor (8:30am) * Playing Coburg Districts at the same ground as Team 2.  This is classed a 'Home' game so please wear BLACK shorts

Please watch for further details from your Team Managers during the week.

Round 5 in Review

Round 5 Review

This round bought to you by

Eugene Di Salvatore from C.M.S Meats Strathmore has been a proud supporter of the WCFC for the past 4 years, and continues his support this season as supplier of meat to our various BBQ fundraisers.  An Essendon supporter in AFL, Eugene is also passionate about grass roots footy due to the focus and responsibility it instills in kids, but also the enjoyment from watching juniors develop their footy careers.
As Eugene puts it, C.M.S maintains its active involvement with West Coburg for the simple reason that we’re a family-oriented Football Club with a strong community feel about us, and like everyone, he'd love to see a repeat of our successes from last year!
Support those who support us; next time you need a quality butcher, drop in and say hi to Eugene at C.M.S Meats, 329 Napier Street, Strathmore.  Don’t forget to mention West Coburg!
Digger’s Debrief – Senior Coach Review
With both teams even on the ladder, our boys went into this round’s game against Avondale Heights feeling confident and keen for another taste of victory.  A few forced changes allowed for some young players in Morano and Joey Drake to be given an opportunity, and the return of Tom Watterson and Tom McMillan shored up our defence.
In a fantastic first ten minutes the boys applied the blow-torch to Avondale Heights into the wind and kick the first two of the match.  The boys were up and about and keen to challenge a top four side.  We then missed a couple of chances and dropped our intensity by 5%, letting Avondale Heights pounce and kick 5 for the quarter.  
Going into the second quarter 5 goals to 2 and with the breeze, the boys should have been upbeat and keen to push on – sadly not the case.  We didn’t use the ball or kick it to the advantage of our forwards, and continued to get beaten around the ball in the same fashion.  Our accuracy of 2.5 didn’t help either.
At half time the challenge was put down to the team to respond and I really thought our competitiveness and effort was top-notch in the third quarter.  Our run and carry pushed Avondale Heights defensively but we wasted the last kick into the forward 50.  We had 11 direct kicks to the opposition inside 50 in the third quarter alone – allowing Avondale to rebound, putting our back half under all sorts of pressure and allowing them to score with ease.
The boys hung tough and the result should not have stood where it did by the end of the day, but if we continue to make basic errors and not play team football it is always going to be hard.  Simple things like talking to your teammate and telling them to take their time, protecting the loose player to take the mark and clean hands below the knees all play a part.
Some great efforts on the day by Mousty Hammoud, Mo Saad, Brenton Thomspon, Marwan and Omar Saad.  We just need a more polished, confident effort across the board, and have a big month of winnable games to prove to ourselves what we can do.
Reserves Review – Jack Ibrahim, Coach
Our Reserves season to date has been a bit of a see-saw, with a couple of good wins offset by a couple of big losses.  Our game last round against Aberfeldie was a turning point – and while we lost by 25, it was to a top 4 side, it proved to the boys that we are good enough to match it with the top teams.
With the windy conditions over the weekend, we planned to work together to get off to a good start, and the boys delivered with a good first quarter, going into the first change 11 points up after playing into the wind.  In the second quarter we reverted to individual / selfish football and failed to capitalise on the wind, going into half-time in a marginally better position than after the 1st quarter.
The boys got a bit of rev-up during the break and to their credit, responded with a brilliant second half adding 4.3 to 0.4 in the 3rd quarter and then 5.2 to 0.3 in the final to close out the match victorious by 11 goals.
Positives for the game was our ball movement and the response to the challenge put in front of the team at half time.  Areas that need improvement over the coming rounds are our work-rate and positive communication.


Senior Premier Division – LOST by 89
West Coburg            6.9 (45)
defeated by
Avondale Heights        20.14 (134)
Goal KickersM. Hammoud 2, M. Lilino , T. Baravi , F. Akkari , O. Saad


Best PlayersM. Hammoud , M. Saad , O. Abdallah , M. Abdulwahed , A. Kelly , T. Pryde
Ladder Position: #9
Premier Reserves – WON by 67
West Coburg            16.11 (107)
Avondale Heights        5.10 (40)
Goal KickersJ. Martini 4, Y. Fitaax 3, K. Saad 2, S. Bowie 2, S. Mete , A. Yas , M. Serruto , J. Tsonis , A. Saad 


Best PlayersD. McMillan , J. Martini , Y. Fitaax , B. Vear , S. Mete , F. Qunqar


Ladder Position: #5
U18.5 Premier Division – WON by 90
West Coburg            17.14 (116)
Avondale Heights        3.8 (26)
Goal KickersD. Cleary 4, A. Zammit 3, W. Karaan 3, C. Clemente 2, J. Abruzzese Board 2, M. Michienzi , S. Gerdtz , D. D'Cruz


Best PlayersD. Cleary , S. Dean Spagnolo , G. El Rahi , A. Dounias , W. Karaan , C. Doherty


Ladder Position: #5


Round 6 Preview

U16 Division 1 – WON by 33
West Coburg            8.18 (66)    
Aberfeldie            6.3 (99)



Goal Kickers: J. Rocco 2, Z. Saad 2, J. Murat 2, I. Moussa , M. Borg 
Best Players: I. Moussa , L. Manago , J. Hickman , A. Turner , P. Martin , Z. Saad

Ladder Position: #6

U16 Division 4 – WON by 15
West Coburg            5.11 (41)
Strathmore            4.12 (36)            

Goal Kickers None Reported

Best Players: None Reported

Ladder Position: #5

U14 Division 2 – LOST by 34
West Coburg            3.11 (29)
defeated by
Maribyrnong Park        9.9 (63)

Goal KickersH. Weaver , J. Drummond , M. El Nabbout

Best PlayersC. Rebeschini , M. Taranto , L. Trovatello , G. Patrikios , D. Varrese , H. Weaver
Ladder Position: #3

U14 Division 6 – WON by 110
West Coburg            15.20 (110)

East Sunbury            0.0 (0)

Goal KickersA. Leggieri 2, P. McCallum 2, J. Orford 2, T. Lally , M. Minniti , L. Salter , A. Khodr , M. Salvatori , N. Ziogas , A. El Nabbout , J. Griggs , P. Dounias

Best PlayersD. Gulam , J. Orford , A. El Nabbout , M. Salvatori , L. Salter , P. McCallum
Ladder Position: #3



U12 Division 2 – WON by 35
West Coburg            7.8 (50)    
Burnside Heights        2.3 (15)

Goal Kickers: L. Solano 3, Y. Saad 3, J. Vaina

Best Players: L. Solano , W. Hubik , Z. Evans , T. Leury , B. Rocco , J. El Nabbout
Ladder Position: #7
U12 Division 5 – LOST by 82
West Coburg            2.2 (14)
defeated by
Maribyrnong Park        14.12 (96)
Goal Kickers: J. Blair , Z. Freeman
Best PlayersJ. Blair , T. McArdle , I. Marincic , Z. Freeman , L. Douvartzidis , J. Destito
Ladder Position: #7
U10 Division 1 – LOST by 63
West Coburg            0.1 (1)
defeated by
Aberfeldie            8.16 (64)    
Goal Kickers: None


Best Players: S. Desira , M. BalaamGunderson , L. Nichols , G. Vecchie , A. Enderby , T. Mavropoulos
Ladder Position: #4
U10 Division 6 – LOST by 31
West Coburg            1.2 (8)
defeated by
Weastmeadows        6.3 (39)
Goal KickersX. Bogaers
Best Players H. Pearce , Z. Dib , E. Kelly-Vaccaro , T. Mitchell , G. Alexopoulos , J. Pitcher
Ladder Position: #8
No scores kept