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Round 10 wrap

Hello all supporters and friends of West Coburg FC. Winter has finally hit with a vengeance just as we enter the second half of the senior season. Time to pull out the long Johns, spencers, onesies, hot water bottle and … More

Round 8 wrap

Hello all supporters and friends of West Coburg FC.   The Club enjoyed another great weekend of success with the juniors again seeing six teams winning their respective matches over the weekend and the Under 18’s and Seniors also coming … More

Round 10 wrap

Hello all supporters and friends of West Coburg FC.

Winter has finally hit with a vengeance just as we enter the second half of the senior season. Time to pull out the long Johns, spencers, onesies, hot water bottle and rug up. There is snow on them there hills!!!

It’s hard to believe that the junior competition is entering its final weeks of home and away matches. As the competition heads toward the finals, signs are there that we will be part of the finals action in virtually all age groups. That is a great achievement indeed. At senior level all three teams had resounding wins over Oak Park. The results saw our U18.5’s take top spot on the ladder while the reserves moved to 5th with only 2 pts separating it from 3rd position. The Club’s Seniors continued on its unbeaten run even though it was seriously challenged by a determined Oak Park outfit.

The U18’s took over top spot on the ladder after a crushing defeat of Oak Park on Saturday, however its nemesis approaches, when it clashes with Hadfield for a top of the table battle. The team suffered crushing news when young Corey Clemente fractured his wrist while playing in the Reserves last Saturday. Corey will be sorely missed by his team mates both in the U18’s and Reserves where he has filled in when we have been short of numbers. A very skilled and talented player is Corey who figured in last Saturday’s best players in both levels, such is the size of his ticker! We all wish him nothing but a speedy recovery, and with a touch of luck maybe he will be back on the track being his elusive self where he belongs.

The Reserves are coming! I’ve said it before but this is a team that boasts some great talent. As a Club we are blessed to have not only fine young men representing West Coburg but talented footballers as well. A team that boasts the likes of Sidhom, Lilino, Serruto, Giusti, B. Drummond, Stumpo, Troy, Anchovies (Anchen) to name but a few, then sprinkled with future senior players like Pring, Clemente, Martini, Baravi is something we as a Club can be proud of.

Someone please fix the scratch on that record, CD, USB stick! as I feel like I’m repeating myself. The Senior team posted its ninth win for the season remaining undefeated after round 10. The win didn’t come without a fight as Oak Park took it right up to West the whole game. Our centre clearances seemed to be scrappy at best denying us any fluid forward momentum. The drive came defensively with the likes of Waterson, Kutrolli, The General – Weightman and young Joe Drake repelling the determined OP offensive pressure. Jordan Gloury is fearless wherever he plays having no regard for his own safety, while Patty Schnitzel and the Magician (Abdi) kept us in the contest each scoring 4 goals. The ‘Unit’ Ados (Doherty) was called up for a rucking tour of duty in the ‘Ones’, replacing Big Beau, and rucked tirelessly against a formidable OP ruck combination. With still many senior players on the sidelines about to return from injury it is only ‘onwards and upwards’ we go.

Round 10 results

Under 10 Div 2
WC: 4. 5 – 29 (ladder position 1st) def Taylors Lakes 1. 0 -06
Goal Kickers: J. Ravalli , W. Hubik , N. Saad , J. El Nabbout
Best Players: N. Saad, M. Sykes, T. Leury, J. Calleri, Z. Freeman, B. Rocco
Under 10 Div 6
WC: 4. 2 – 26 (ladder position 1st) def Greenvale 2. 1 – 13
Goal Kickers: G. Vecchie , M. BalaamGunderson , T. Reymers , Z. Dib
Best Players: G. Vecchie, J. Casley, J. Liberti, T. Mavropoulos, M. Balaam Gunderson, Z. Dib
Under 12 Div 3
WC: 9. 12 -66 (ladder position 3rd) def. Northern Saints 1. 7 -13
Goal Kickers: L. Caruso 2, A. El Nabbout 2, A. Vicendese , D. Gulam , M. Salvatori , C. Rebeschini , P. McCallum
Best Players: T. Freeman, C. Rebeschini, H. Weaver, M. Salvatori, P. Dounias, L. Scutella
Under 12 Div 6
WC: 3. 9 – 27 (ladder position 5th) lost to Westmeadows 4. 6 -30
Goal Kickers: C. Garvin 2, A. Del Prete
Best Players: C. Matthews, C. Murphy, L. Solano, A. Lunardi, C. Garvin, A. Del Prete
Under 14 Div 3
WC: 8. 6 – 54 (ladder position 1st) def Pascoe Vale 8. 5 -53
Goal Kickers: J. Rebeschini 2, L. Francione 2, O. Taleb 2, J. Horo , G. Patrikios
Best Players: L. Trovatello, J. McArdle, D. Doherty, L. Francione, K. Keuris, J. Horo
Under 14 Div 6
WC: 3. 10 -28 (ladder position 4th) lost to Roxburgh Park 12. 7 -79
Goal Kickers: N. Minniti 2, M. El-Khoury
Best Players: G. Marsland, S. Mihelakos, M. Taranto, M. El-Khoury, S. D’Angelo, N. Minniti
Under 16 Div 1
WC: 6. 08 – 44 (ladder position 4th) lost to Aberfeldie 9 10 -64
Goal Kickers: J. Murat 3, M. Saad 2, J. Rocco
Best Players: A. Careri, A. Trovatello, T. Mancuso, J. Marino, M. Michienzi
Under 16 Div 4
WC: 11. 10 -76 (ladder position 2nd) def Burnside Heights 5. 7 – 37
Goal Kickers: B. Fisher 3, J. Vacirca 3, L. Vivona , D. Thorneycroft , J. Swale , J. Vicendese , J. Crowley
Best Players: J. Vacirca, K. Ring, A. Turner, J. Crowley, C. Dibella, R. Blasic
Under 18.5
West Coburg 28. 17 – 185 def. Oak Park 7. 6 – 48
Goal Kickers: A. Taleb 5, J. Martini 4, M. Zakkour 3, B. Meehan 3, C. Martin 2, M. Hazouri 2, C. Clemente , T. Pavlov , M. Saad , A. Dounias , B. Vear , G. El Rahi , C. Doherty , S. Carbone , E. Pring
Best Players: W. Karaan, A. Taleb, A. Dounias, E. Pring, C. Clemente, C. Martin
West Coburg 22. 15 – 147 def Oak Park 7. 7 – 49
Goal Kickers: J. Martini 5, B. Drummond 3, D. Troy 3, J. Tsonis 3, S. O”Leary 2, M. Stumpo 2, S. Mete 2, C. Clemente , R. Giusti
Best Players: F. Kirby, S. Mete, M. Serruto, D. Troy, R. Peckham, B. Drummond
West Coburg 237. 9 – 147 def Oak Park 19. 10 – 124
Goal Kickers: P. Schwalger 4, A. Fitaax 4, J. Smith 3, R. Hudson 3, D. Kutrolli 2, S. Elmi , M. Abdulwahed , F. Akkari , T. McMillan , D. Francis , F. Akkari , S. Berak
Best Players: F. Akkari, A. Fitaax, D. Kutrolli, P. Schwalger, T. Watterson, A. Doherty

This Saturday 28th June: West Coburg vs Hadfield (away) at Martin Reserve, Hadfield
Saturday 5th July: West Coburg vs Craigieburn (away) at D. S. Aitken reserve, Craigieburn

Friday 18th July West Coburg FC Gala Ball. The Club will hold its Annual Ball on Friday evening, 18th July at Melrose Reception Centre, Melrose Dve, Tullamarine commencing 7pm. Tickets are $90 per person inclusive of three course dinner and drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks). Live entertainment provided by Johnny Rockstar and his band “Retrenched’. Contact either Karen Doherty (0438 243 982), David Gloury (0429 121 426) or email contactus@wcfc.com.au for ticket purchases.

Saturday 26th July Ladies High Tea. This is a ‘Ladies Only’ function to be held at the Shore Reserve Club room commencing 12 noon. So block out your Saturday afternoon calendar, tell the partner to go do the grocery shopping for a change and treat yourself to a fabulous afternoon. Further details to follow.
DFS July School Holiday Footy Program
Dynamic Footy Skills in association with the EDFL is providing a junior footy program during the upcoming July school holidays. The program is aimed at junior footballer’s from the age of U/10 through to U/14.
While the program is a great opportunity for players to further develop their footy skills, West Coburg FC will also benefit by receiving a cash rebate from any of our junior members attending.
For details about the program please see the attached flyer or watch the video at the following link: http://bit.ly/1mHaiyC
Registrations can also be completed online at: http://www.dynamicfootyskills.com.au/2014-july-school-holiday-footy-programs/

Round 8 wrap

Hello all supporters and friends of West Coburg FC.
The Club enjoyed another great weekend of success with the juniors again seeing six teams winning their respective matches over the weekend and the Under 18’s and Seniors also coming home with wins against Glenroy.
The U18’s climbed to 2nd position on the ladder by comfortably accounting for its Glenroy opponent.  I much more team disciplined approach was evident this time round.  There is no room for complacency as the team heads into Round 9 against 3rd placed Hillside at home.
The Reserves suffered a heartbreaking 1 point loss at the hands of Glenroy.  It is fair to say that the boys lost this game more than Glenroy won it.  Bad kicking at goal cost us dearly, especially in the 3rd quarter when we seemed to have the ascendancy and simply couldn’t kick over a jam tin let alone kick a goal.  The Reserves are more than capable of playing finals football however a deeper commitment on the training track is a good start to pushing for serious finals contention.
By the time the Seniors commenced playing, the ‘Ladies Luncheon’ held at Glenroy’s social room was well and truly in full swing!  Our senior team went into the match full of confidence regaining Jarryd Smith after a 7 week layoff due to a hand injury.  The game seemingly was played on Glenroy’s terms, refusing to allow us to create the free flowing game that Digby has had them playing to.  Glenroy used its bigger bodies to stifle West Coburg’s running game.  Trailing by 12 points at half time, West Coburg appeared rattled.  Come the third quarter, the boys denied Glenroy any forward advancement ensuring that Glenroy’s Kite was not fed any further opportunities to goal.  Young Tom Drake seemed to have the ball on a string in the third quarter while Tommy Mac, Aaron Kelly and Patty Schwalger were solid all day.  I few dubious umpiring decisions put scoreboard pressure on West Coburg in the final quarter however the Seniors ran out comfortable 20 point winners thus remaining undefeated after Round 8.
Round 8 results
Under 10 Div 6
WC: 5. 10 – 40 (ladder position 1st) def Keilor 0. 1 – 01
Goal Kickers: G. Vecchie , T. Reymers , J. Whelan , M. Breci , A. Enderby 
Best Players: W. Upton, M. BalaamGunderson, M. Gibilisco, T. Mavropoulos, T. Peirce, Z. Dib
Under 10 Div 2
WC: 4. 4 – 28 (ladder position 1st) def Hadfield 3. 7 – 25
Goal Kickers: W. Hubik , N. Saad , J. El Nabbout , I. Marincic
Best Players: E. Ross, J. Calleri, Z. Evans, W. Hubik, S. Desira, T. Leury
Under 12 Div 6
WC: 2. 5 -17 (ladder position 5th) lost to Essendon Doutta Stars 5. 6 -36
Goal Kickers: C. Garvin , J. Cabansag
Best Players: J. Rotunno, L. Solano, T. Lally, J. Lamb, J. Cabansag, C. Matthews
Under 12 Div 3
WC: 3. 4 -22 (ladder position 6th) def. Taylors Lakes 2. 3 -15
Goal Kickers: Y. Saad , L. Caruso , J. Leury
Best Players: C. Rebeschini, J. Leury, H. Weaver, T. Freeman, A. Leggieri, D. Gulam
Under 14 Div 3
WC: 15. 14 -104 (ladder position 1st) def Taylors Lakes 3. 0 -18
Goal Kickers: J. Rebeschini 4, O. Taleb 3, P. Patrikios 2, Z. Gulam 2, J. Watson , B. Freeman , G. Patrikios , K. Paschalis
Best Players: B. Karlsson, Z. Gulam, P. Patrikios, G. Patrikios, O. Taleb, J. Rebeschini
Under 14 Div 6
WC: 4. 10 -34 (ladder position 4th) def Maribyrnong Park 4. 4 -28
Goal Kickers: N. Minniti 3, P. Boreham-Delaney
Best Players: N. Minniti, S. Mihelakos, G. Marsland, M. El Nabbout, B. Boado, M. Taranto
Under 16 Div 1
WC:  9. 4 -58 (ladder position 4th) def Essendon Doutta Stars 5. 12 -42
Goal Kickers: M. Mohamed 3, M. Saad 2, J. Boado , D. Cleary , A. Trovatello , M. Borg
Best Players: T. McRostie, A. Careri, M. Michienzi, A. Trovatello, A. Daquino
Under 16 Div 4
WC: 9. 6 -60 (ladder position 1st) lost to Maribyrnong Park 11. 9 – 75
Goal Kickers: S. Gerdtz 2, A. Turner 2, J. Vacirca 2, N. Sim , L. Vivona , J. Slavich
Best Players: J. Vacirca, A. Turner, M. Taburet, S. Gerdtz, N. Sim, J. Hickman
Under 18.5
West Coburg      15. 18 – 108 def. Glenroy 8. 6 – 54
Goal Kickers: J. Martini 5, B. Meehan 3, C. Clemente 2, A. Zammit , B. Vear , E. Pring , J. Abruzzese Board , A. Taleb
Best Players: A. Zammit, C. Nabbout, C. Clemente, R. Saoud, A. Taleb, J. Martini
West Coburg      10. 15 – 75 lost to Glenroy 11. 108 -76
Goal Kickers: M. Stumpo 4, R. Peckham 3, M. De Petro , S. O”Leary , J. Tsonis
Best Players: R. Giusti, S. Bowie, M. Stumpo, R. Peckham, M. Serruto, S. Mete
West Coburg  14. 15 – 99 def  Glenroy  12. 7 – 79
Goal Kickers: F. Akkari 3, P. Schwalger 2, J. Morano 2, A. Fitaax 2, R. Hudson 2, O. Abdallah , S. Berak , O. Saad
Best Players: T. Drake, D. Francis, P. Schwalger, M. Abdulwahed, A. Kelly, T. McMillan
No matches this Queens Birthday weekend
Saturday 14th June: West Coburg vs Hillside at Shore Reserve, Pascoe Vale South.  At Half time of the Seniors match, our ‘Auskickers’ will participate in Grid Games provide half time entertainment
Saturday 21st June: West Coburg vs Oak Park at Shore Reserve, Pascoe Vale South. At Half time of the Seniors match, our U14 squad will hold a ‘longest kick’ competition
This Thursday night – Don’t forget our ‘Sportsmans Night’ at Shore Reserve, with guests including:  Bryce Gibbs, Simon Madden, Jimmy Buckley and our very own Brandon Ellis.  Hosted by the legendary Phil Cleary.  Tickets $45 which includes all night finger food.  Drinks at bar prices. Contact David Gloury for tickets/details on: 0429 121 426
Friday 18th July West Coburg FC Gala Ball.  The Club will hold its Annual Ball on Friday evening, 18th July at Melrose Reception Centre, Melrose Dve, Tullamarine commencing 7pm. Tickets are $90 per person inclusive of three course dinner and drinks (beer, wine and soft drinks).  Live entertainment provided by Johnny Rockstar and his band “Retrenched’. Contact either Karen Doherty (0438 243 982), David Gloury (0429 121 426) or email contactus@wcfc.com.au for ticket purchases.
West Coburg FC Major Raffle
Don’t forget to purchase your raffle tickets at $5 per ticket or $50 per book. Raffle to be drawn on Sunday 27th July at Shore Reserve.
·        1st Prize 6 Etihad Stadium Medallion Tickets for one game in 2015 value $720
·        2nd prize A night’s accommodation for 2 at Crown Promenade incl. breakfast for 2 at the Mesh Restaurant value $500
·        3rd prize A men’s tailored suit to the value of $500
·        4th prize Flight Centre voucher to the value $400
·        Other prizes also.
All players to return sold tickets and money to team managers.
Ticket inquiries to: Karen Doherty (0438 243 982)
Jumpers 4 Juniors program – Reminder please!
Guys.  We have had only 9 people register for this campaign.  It is not restricted to Carlton supporters who have all gone into hiding, so please spare a few minutes and register online today . 
Our club has the chance to secure a Carlton Football Club signed team jumper through the Carlton FC’s Jumpers 4 Juniors program. We simply require at least 30 people – players, supporters, club officials or Blues fans (if they’re still out there!) – to register  so that our club can get a signed guernsey which we can use as a fundraiser.
Simply go to http://www.carltonfc.com.au/club/community/jumpers-for-juniors and follow the instructions provided. It only takes one minute to complete the online “Personal Registration” form.
The Value of Community Football
Dear Football Club member or supporter,

AFL Victoria, in partnership with the AFL and Latrobe University are undertaking a research project to quantify the value of a typical community football club across areas such as  social,  community and health impacts. This project, thought to be one of the first of its kind undertaken by a single sport organisation, aims to provide further evidence about the importance of football clubs across Victoria that may assist clubs, leagues and the football community in discussions with various stakeholders.

As part of this project, an online survey has been developed to gather data from the range of people involved in football clubs (player, coach, volunteer, member, supporter etc).
To complete the survey click this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JWDCDDR or paste the address into your web browser if the link does not load automatically.
By completing the survey you can choose to go into a draw to win some great prizes including Medallion Club tickets, a signed AFL Club jumper and Sherrin Footballs.
To go into the prize draw, surveys need to be completed by midday (12.00pm) on Friday 13 June 2014.
The more responses we receive the more we can quantify the value of football clubs within communities. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. Note that no responses will be attributed to a particular person, with all information de-identified.

Your support in completing this survey is appreciated.


Round 7 Wrap.

Hello all supporters and friends of West Coburg FC.

Well a two week break in Phuket can do wonderful things to re-charge the batteries. Just don’t blame the Political Coup on the writer. I was too busy kicking back on a deck chair enjoying a Singha or two!

Well we are well and truly into the EDFL football season and what a great weekend of football it was for the West Coburg FC. The juniors saw six of its eight teams score great wins in their respective matches with the two losses in our U12 age group being right in the mix. It is real pleasing to note that the Club has 6 junior teams in the top four with three of the teams holding 1st position. A great achievement by all concerned. To top it off, our U16 Div 1 team defeated Aberfeldie. It doesn’t get any better than that!

The U18’s continued with good form, comfortably accounting for Westmeadows. This is a really good outfit who can achieve great success if they continue to focus on a team orientated approach to their game plan and demonstrate a true commitment to training.

The Reserves returned to the winners circle engaging in a tough battle with an inform Westmeadows. With Tom Campbell hitting form, Ang Sidhom rock solid and a side blessed with three talls in Tolliday, Pecks and Doherty the team had confidence that has been missing over recent weeks. This week’s game against a red hot Glenroy will determine where the Reserves are at in the competition.

By the time the Seniors commenced the crowd numbers were huge. It was a magic day for local footy and the West Coburg boys turned up to play. Westmeadows threw everything at West Coburg but it struggled to match the skills of Fittax, Obdallah, Cleary and the Akkari brothers. The team were in control for much of the match and the end result ensured that West Coburg remained top of the ladder after 7 rounds. This week’s upcoming match cannot see complacency set in as it tackles arch rivals Glenroy.

The game was marred by a severe leg injury to a Westmeadows player. The incident seemed an innocuous one, nonetheless saw the game held up for just under an hour until Ambulance attended to treat the young man. A big thank you to both clubs and their supporters who showed compassion, patience and understanding. The West Coburg FC wishes nothing but a speedy and successful recovery to the Westmeadows player over the coming weeks and months ahead.

Round 7 results

Under 10 Div 6
WC: 5. 4 – 34 (ladder position 3rd) def Hillside 3. 7 – 25
Goal Kickers: G. Vecchie 2, M. Breci , O. O’Flynn , X. Koch
Best Players: J. Whelan, G. Vecchie, X. Koch, K. Entwistle, L. Nichols, J. Casley
Under 10 Div 2
WC: 4. 8 – 32 (ladder position 1st) def Essendon Doutta Stars 3. 6 – 24
Goal Kickers: I. Marincic 3, J. El Nabbout
Best Players: I. Marincic, J. Elnabbout, B. D”Amato, N. Saad, J. El Nabbout, E. Ross
Under 12 Div 6
WC: 3. 2 -20 (ladder position 4th) lost to Tullamarine 7. 8 -50
Goal Kickers: N. Ziogas , C. Garvin , D. Divaris
Best Players: J. Vaina, A. Lunardi, J. Cabansag, C. Matthews, J. Blair, D. Divaris
Under 12 Div 3
WC: 3. 9 -27 (ladder position 6th) lost to East Sunbury 7. 6 -48
Goal Kickers: C. Rebeschini 2, L. Caruso
Best Players: C. Rebeschini, T. Freeman, E. Rinaudo, G. McKenzie, A. Saad, L. Caruso
Under 14 Div 3
WC: 10. 21 -81 (ladder position 1st) def Strathmore 6. 2 -38
Goal Kickers: L. Francione 2, O. Taleb 2, B. Freeman 2, J. Rebeschini , H. Clayton , J. McArdle , J. Horo
Best Players: H. Clayton, J. Meehan, S. Kowlessur, J. McArdle, Z. Gulam, J. Horo
Under 14 Div 6
WC: 14. 10 -94 (ladder position 5th) def Hillside 3. 5 -23
Goal Kickers: M. El Nabbout 3, P. Boreham-Delaney 3, A. Taleb 3, S. Black 2, M. El-Khoury , M. Pilarinos , N. Minniti
Best Players: D. Varrese, M. El Nabbout, S. Mihelakos, T. Willmer, B. Robertshawe, A. Taleb
Best Players: P. Boreham-Delaney, M. Pilarinos, M. Williams, M. Taranto, S. Mihelakos, D. Varrese
Under 16 Div 1
WC: 10. 8 -68 (ladder position 4th) def Aberfeldie 7.6 -48
Goal Kickers: M. Borg 3, M. Saad 3, M. Mohamed 2, D. Dib , K. Ring
Best Players: D. Dib, A. Careri, M. Saad, J. Marino, A. Trovatello
Under 16 Div 4
WC: 9. 11 -65 (ladder position 1st) def Taylors Lakes 7.6 – 48
Goal Kickers: J. Vicendese 4, J. Lockwood Spence 3, B. Fisher , K. Totikidis
Best Players: M. Taburet, D. Thorneycroft, J. Crowley, A. Turner, N. Sim, G. Clements
Under 18.5
West Coburg 17. 13 – 115 def. Westmeadows 8. 3 – 51
Goal Kickers: J. Martini 5, P. Martin 5, J. Abruzzese Board 2, B. Vear , S. Francis , E. Pring , T. Pavlov , M. Saad
Best Players: C. Clemente, A. Taleb, B. Vear, P. Martin, J. Martini, E. Pring
West Coburg 11. 7 – 73 def. Westmeadows 9. 8 -62
Goal Kickers: S. Mete 3, R. Giusti 2, A. Doherty , L. Tolliday , W. Seoud , P. Sebastaini , C. Kyvetos , D. Troy
Best Players: A. Sidhom, T. Campbell, S. Mete, D. Troy, A. Doherty, A. Piccolo
West Coburg 18. 14 – 122 def Westmeadows 10. 7 – 67
Goal Kickers: A. Fitaax 5, R. Cleary 3, R. Hudson 2, J. Morano 2, O. Abdallah 2, F. Akkari , T. Baravi , S. Berak , A. Kelly
Best Players: A. Fitaax, F. Akkari, D. Francis, A. Kelly, F. Akkari, O. Abdallah

This Week, Saturday 31st May
The Senior teams venture out to Sewell Reserve, Glenroy Rd, to clash with rivals – Glenroy. This is sure to be an exciting round of football, so if you are free this Saturday, why not venture up the road and support our senior teams commencing around 9.30am with our U18’s

EDFL Squad Selections

Congratulations to the following West Coburg juniors who have won selection into the following EDFL representative squads for 2014
Under 16
Adam Trovatello, Thomas McRostie, Marcus Michienzi
Under 15 Div 1
Matthew Borg, Thomas Jennings, Jayden Murat
Under 15 Div 2
Anthony Daquino
Under 14 Div 1
Kyle Keuris

Also congratulations to Jonah Horo and Caleb Rebeschini who are training with the EDFL rep sides in the Under 13 and Under 12 sides respectively.
We wish all the boys good luck in their upcoming representative games.