West Coburg Football Club

Round 11 in Review

Round 11 Review
This round brought to you by
Senior Premier Division – LOST by 26
West Coburg            12.11 (83)
defeated by
Strathmore            16.13 (109)
Goal KickersR. Cleary 2, B. Hopkins 2, S. MacAodha , M. Hammoud , J. Drake , T. Drake , A. Fitaax , J. Morano , J. Gloury , M. Abdulwahed


Best PlayersB. Hopkins , S. MacAodha , T. McMillan , A. Kelly , M. Saad , T. Drake
Ladder Position: #8
Premier Reserves – LOST by 16
West Coburg            11.6 (72)
defeated by
Strathmore            13.10 (88)
Goal KickersT. Campbell 3, J. Martini 2, A. Yas , J. Tsonis , J. Layley , A. Taleb , J. Minenko , M. Lilino 


Best PlayersA. Saad , B. Drummond , M. Lilino , J. Martini , M. Maihoub , T. Campbell


Ladder Position: #5
U18.5 Premier Division – WON by 22
West Coburg            11.14 (80)
Strathmore            8.10 (58)
Goal KickersE. Pring 2, T. McRostie 2, S. Gerdtz 2, M. Saad , C. Clemente , S. McKernan , C. Martin , A. Trovatello 


Best PlayersC. Clemente , C. Martin , S. Dean Spagnolo , T. McRostie , E. Pring , S. Gerdtz


Ladder Position: #4


Round 12 Preview-2


U16 Division 1 – WON by 49
West Coburg            13.13 (91)    
Essendon Doutta Stars    6.6 (42)

Goal Kickers: Z. Saad 2, J. Hickman 2, J. Rocco 2, P. Patrikios , O. Taleb , J. Murat , J. Slavich , C. Dibella , A. Daquino , I. Moussa 

Best Players:  J. Rocco , G. Clements , J. Hickman , J. Crowley , A. Daquino , L. Manago


Ladder Position: #3

U16 Division 4 – LOST by 23
West Coburg            7.8 (50)
defeated by
Taylors Lakes            11.7 (73)

Goal Kickers J. Swale 2, J. Lockwood Spence , P. Boreham-Delaney , C. Dib , E. Luisetto , A. Menta 

Best PlayersM. Christou , M. Cikes , J. Papacostantinou , A. Menta , E. Luisetto , R. Blasic

Ladder Position: #4



U14 Division 2 – WON by 97
West Coburg            16.15 (111)

Moon Valley            2.2 (14)

Goal KickersK. Yehia 5, J. Horo 3, S. Mihelakos 3, J. Guzzardi 2, J. Meehan , L. Francione , D. Elnabbout 

Best PlayersS. Mihelakos , K. Yehia , J. Horo , J. Drummond , J. Guzzardi , B. Robertshawe
Ladder Position: #1

U14 Division 6 – WON by 112
West Coburg            24.9 (153)

Pascoe Vale            4.3 (27)

Goal KickersA. Leggieri 6, J. Leury 4, A. Romano 2, A. Khodr 2, M. Salvatori 2, T. Freeman 2, P. Dounias , M. McCoullough , N. Turner , L. Salter , J. Griggs , P. McCallum 

Best PlayersL. Salter , N. Turner , S. Black , A. Leggieri , P. McCallum , A. Khodr

Ladder Position: #4



U12 Division 2 – WON by 56
West Coburg            9.15 (69)
Essendon Doutta Stars    2.1 (13)

Goal Kickers: L. Solano 2, G. Cox 2, Y. Saad 2, R. Gauci , F. Cathcart , J. Cabansag 

Best Players: G. Cox , J. Vaina , R. Gauci , J. Cabansag , W. Hubik , F. Cathcart
Ladder Position: #4
U12 Division 5 – LOST by 43
West Coburg            2.5 (17)
defeated by
Aberfeldie            8.12 (60)
Goal Kickers: None Listed
Best PlayersNone Listed
Ladder Position: #8


U10 Division 1 – LOST by 17
West Coburg            7.2 (44)
defeated by
Maribyrnong Park        8.13 (61)    
Goal Kickers: T. Reymers 2, G. Vecchie 2, T. Mavropoulos , L. Ranking , J. Pennella


Best Players: T. Reymers , G. Vecchie , J. Pennella , T. Mavropoulos , S. Desira , W. Upton
Ladder Position: #7
U10 Division 6 – DRAWN
West Coburg            4.2 (26)

drew with

Greenvale            4.2 (26)
Goal KickersH. Austin , H. Pearce , L. Cugley , C. El Khodr
Best Players A. Payne , J. Boundy , P. BalaamGunderson , H. Pearce , C. El Khodr , D. Farah
Ladder Position: #7
George Alexopoulos celebrates his first career goal (previous round) in style!
No scores kept

School Holiday Footy Programs


Dynamic Footy Skills will be running their School Holiday Footy Clinic program again, this year at FairBairn Park in Ascot Vale on July 8.

The program is a mixture of proven development programs and a whole load of fun for any kids that enjoy their football.  From the start of the day participants will get their hands on the footy, learn a few handy tips from the expert coaches and take on their mates in fun-filled games.  There’s also the possibility that one of the AFL Player Ambassadors could make a special appearance.

The program includes, depending on age group:

  • Proven skills development
  • “DFS Learn Thru Fun” program
  • Fitness testing based on AFL Draft Combine
  • Possible AFL player appearances
  • FREE footy for every player

For me details visit http://www.dynamicfootyskills.com.au/programs/school-holiday-programs/

Round 10 in Review

Round 10 Review
This round brought to you by
Ladies and Young Girls of West Coburg – it’s time to leave the boys at home and enjoy an evening amongst friends, with loads of dancing and half-time fun at our Ladies ‘Footy Glam’ Night.
Tickets are $30 for adults and $20 for girls under 18.  Come along GLAMMED UP IN FOOTY GEAR.  We’ll have prizes for the best dressed, DJ, Finger Food & Door Prizes.  Bring a spare pair of shores for our goal kicking, handball and other half-time games.
Contact Karen Doherty (0438 243 982) or Rita Gauci (0409 216 706)
Digger’s Debrief – Senior Coach Review
We headed off the to the Round 10 game versus the Northern Saints with the expectation that it was going to be a fierce contest.  A memorable and emotional service for ‘Moe' Allouche who passed away at their last home game gave the Saints great motivation for a tough contest.
To our credit we absorbed their early onslaught and once we started to defend, we controlled the game well.  There was some great rebound, and even a goal from our defenders in Joey Drake and Tom Watterson.  Our forwards looked dangerous with Morano, Fitaxx, Cleary and Gloury working hard and controlling their position.  This all added up to a fairly easy win.
We need to build on our last month of great football heading into a tough month of matches.  We come up against Strathmore this week, and when we reflect on our Round 2 battle with them, we missing scoring opportunities and conceded easy scores from turnovers.  If we can rectify these areas then we will be right in the game.
The team has cemented its place in Premier Division and it is now time to cash in with some wins against teams above us on the ladder.  Looking forward, the group should have expectations of winning at least 4 of our last 9 games.  This would give us great credentials going forth into the 2016 season.
Keep growing boys.


Senior Premier Division – WON by 78
West Coburg            22.18 (150)
Northern Saints        11.6 (72)

Goal KickersA. Fitaax 4, R. Cleary 3, O. Saad 3, M. Hammoud 2, J. Morano 2, J. Layley 2, B. Hopkins 2, M. Abdulwahed , T. Watterson , F. Akkari , O. Abdallah 

Best PlayersJ. Drake , R. Cleary , T. Pryde , O. Saad , B. Hopkins , J. Gloury

Ladder Position: #8
Premier Reserves – WON by 91
West Coburg            18.14 (122)
Northern Saints        4.7 (31)
Goal KickersE. Kuyucu 3, A. Yas 3, J. Napiorkowski 2, A. Taleb 2, B. Drummond , T. Campbell , W. Abbouchi , S. Dingle , A. Saad , S. Mete , J. Martini , A. Elmaaraoui

Best PlayersS. Mete , A. Saad , A. Yas , J. Minenko , E. Kuyucu , T. Drake

Ladder Position: #6


U18.5 Premier Division – WON by 83
West Coburg            18.20 (128)
Northern Saints        6.9 (45)
Goal KickersM. Saad 5, S. Gerdtz 3, C. Martin 2, J. Filippone 2, E. Pring , J. Taylor , J. Abruzzese Board , T. McRostie , C. Nabbout , C. Clemente 

Best PlayersM. Saad , S. Dean Spagnolo , J. Marino , C. Martin , S. Gerdtz , C. Doherty

Ladder Position: #4


Round 11 Preview


U16 Division 1 – WON by 65
West Coburg            19.11 (125)    
Westmeadows        9.6 (6)


Goal Kickers: Z. Saad 4, J. Murat 3, J. Rocco 3, I. Moussa 2, B. Fisher 2, A. Daquino 2, M. Borg 2, D. Thorneycroft 

Best Players: J. Rocco , A. Daquino , J. Hickman , D. De Fazio , Z. Saad , D. Thorneycroft

Ladder Position: #3

IMG_7396 copy
The U16 EDFL Rep side was victorious Thursday night by 40 points.
Congratulations to Jack Cramer who played, and Paddy Martin who was runner (due to injury)
Photo : Jodie Cramer

U16 Division 4 – LOST by 28
West Coburg            5.5 (35)
defeated by
Strathmore            9.9 (63)

Goal Kickers P. Boreham-Delaney 2, P. Patrikios , J. Swale , J. Horo  

Best PlayersE. Luisetto , P. Boreham-Delaney , P. Patrikios , R. Blasic , A. Menta , J. Lockwood Spence

Ladder Position: #1



U14 Division 2 – WON by 93
West Coburg            17.15 (117)

Taylors Lakes            4.0 (24)

Goal KickersJ. Horo 6, J. Cikes 2, N. Minniti 2, M. El Nabbout 2, L. Francione 2, J. Drummond , J. Meehan , K. Yehia

Best PlayersJ. Horo , J. Drummond , N. Minniti , H. Weaver , D. Varrese , M. Taranto
Ladder Position: #1

U14 Division 6 – WON by 41
West Coburg            14.7 (91)

Airport West            7.8 (50)

Goal KickersM. Minniti 4, A. Leggieri 4, L. Caruso 2, P. McCallum , J. Leury , L. Salter , A. El Nabbout 

Best PlayersS. Black , P. McCallum , L. Salter , A. El Nabbout , D. Gulam , N. Ziogas
Ladder Position: #4

U12 Division 2 – LOST by 24
West Coburg            3.6 (24)
defeated by
Airport West            6.12 (48)

Goal Kickers: Y. Saad , F. Cathcart , G. Cox 

Best Players: T. Leury , J. Calleri , C. Newton , A. Lunardi , R. Gauci , A. Cumner
Ladder Position: #5
U12 Division 5 – LOST by 68
West Coburg            3.3 (21)
defeated by
Pascoe Vale            13.11 (89)
Goal Kickers: I. Marincic , A. Saad , H. Berman 
Best PlayersJ. Blair , H. Berman , A. Saad , D. Divaris , L. Douvartzidis , Z. Freeman
Ladder Position: #8
U10 Division 1 – LOST by 60
West Coburg            0.4 (4)
defeated by
Greenvale            9.10 (64)    
Goal Kickers: None
Best PlayersA. Enderby , B. Yehia , M. BalaamGunderson , J. Casley , J. Pennella , G. Vecchie
Ladder Position: #7
U10 Division 6 – WON by 51
West Coburg            8.6 (54)
Maribyrnong Park        0.3 (3)
Goal KickersC. El Khodr 2, D. Farah 2, G. Alexopoulos , L. Cugley , M. Kelly-Vaccaro , A. Torcasio
Best Players E. Kelly-Vaccaro , L. Cooper , H. Pearce , C. Naug , C. El Khodr , D. Farah
Ladder Position: #7
No scores kept

2015 Club Appreciation Awards – Call For Nominations


You know them.  You’ve seem them about.  The people who every year have selflessly dedicated themselves to West Coburg Football Club, and to the players that put on the red-white-and black.  They could be coaches, team managers or regular volunteers on match day.  They may have helped organise events, been the ones always willing to help out, have continually donated to the Club, or served in some official capacity over the years.

We’re a volunteer community Club and everyone is expected to do their bit.  Some go further and make sustained, repeated contributions over the years that have helped make West Coburg Football Club what it is.  They’re the ones who have made a difference; the ones that have been instrumental in the Club putting and keeping teams on the ground.

Nominations for our 2015 Club Appreciation Awards are now open.  Is there someone you think should be recognised for the sustained contribution they make?  Who do you believe embodies our values of gender & cultural diversity, teamwork, respect and responsibility – the model ‘Club-person’?

Submit your nominations and reasoning to secretary@wcfc.com.au before Tuesday July 7th.  The Club Committee will select recipients from nominations received, with presentations to be made as part of this year’s Club Ball on Friday July 24th.

FREE OPSM Vision Screening

If you can't read this, you need this offer!
West Coburg was one of 15 lucky AFL grassroots clubs out of the 387 who applied for Sports Vision for Clubs, powered by Official Eyecare partner of the AFL, OPSM.
Under the program OPSM will donate $1000 cash and $1000 worth of Sherrin footballs to the Club, and our local OPSM store (OPSM Brunswick) will organise two FREE eye screening sessions for us, with invitations open to all West Coburg players, members, volunteers, families, extended families and supporters over the age of 18.  Any with plans to become an umpire are especially invited!
Screening 1
Tuesday June 30th
6:30pm – 8pm
City Oval
Screening 2
Wednesday July 8th
6:30pm – 8pm
Brearley Reserve
Vision screenings will take 5-8 minutes per person, and appointments can be booked for anyone who doesn’t pass them.  Follow-up eye tests will be done at OPSM Brunswick and will be bulk-billed.
Optometrists will be present for anyone who wants to discuss eye concerns, although they won’t be able to comment on why no-one else saw all those free kicks you felt were due last weekend.
If you already have glasses, come along anyway.  OPSM will bring along a promo offer for anyone who needs new glasses or sunglasses.
Help us thank OPSM for this great opportunity by attending the screening, or heading to OPSM for your next set of frames or lenses.

OPSM is a leading eye care and eyewear retailer and has been looking after the eyes of Australians for 82 years. Part of Luxottica Group, a global eyewear company with over 7,000 retail stores and presence across 130 countries, OPSM has close to 400 stores in Australia and New Zealand and helps over one million Australians see more clearly each year. 
Through its skilled optometrists, world-class technology and exceptional service, OPSM’s goal is to raise the standard of eye health and eye care. In addition to its eye care services, OPSM is renowned for its range of optical frames and sunglasses from international brands to suit all budgets.


West Coburg Needs You!



David Gloury, President

Our football season is now well under way, the half way point for seniors and more than half way for the juniors.

Our move to City Oval for the seniors has been a very good move for the players, coaches and spectators.  The opportunity to play at a premium venue was one that we had to take.

Whilst we are a joint tenant at City Oval there is a considerable amount of work that needs to be done each home game, this is due to limited storage area being available and the renovation to the kitchen within the social room

With 4 remaining home games at City Oval I am making a call to all our supporters / members to come forward to assist over the next 4 home games.

At each game we need to set up City Oval, the canteen, the outside bar, rubbish bins, organise the barbecue, as well as the inside bar.

A crew of at least 6 volunteers are required each Saturday morning for a maximum of an hour at 9:00am to get everything ready.  We cannot leave this work to the already overworked committee.

Of course, once the game is finished we are required to clean the venue both outside and inside – we need to walk the terrace areas and pick up all rubbish, all change rooms need to be thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed and we also need to pack away everything that was set up in the morning.  This includes the canteen, outside bar and social room bar.  Again we need a crew of people to assist with this task.

With 4 games remaining at City Oval I urge supporters to volunteer to either be a part of the morning or afternoon crew.

If you can spare an hour please see me at training or the games on Saturday, or contact me directly on 0429121426.

One of the major  challenges we face at the West Coburg Football Club is the low level of operational support we get from many supporters and former players.  We need you to come forward and get directly involved in your Club. Our future depends on this direct involvement. 

Our current committee is very focused and will form the basis of future committees for the club as it comprises mainly of junior parents.  It is totally unrealistic to expect people to be at the football both on Saturday and Sunday – thus we need people from the senior ranks to come onto the committee and take on a role to continue to drive our club forward to the success we know is coming.

Too few volunteers means the workload is large and when managed by a very small group of people is not sustainable.

Our intention is to continue playing football out of City Oval because the benefits are so clear, and this means our daily workload, including set up and pack up will continue.  If we cannot get more volunteers to assist then the club maybe forced to pay people to do these tasks which may result in an increase in every players registration, this is definitely NOT our desired course of action.

We need people to come forward and to get involved , this is what community football is all about.

Again, if you can assist please contact me directly on 0429121426, at Senior training or on Saturday game day.


Ladies ‘Footy Glam’ Night – June 26th



WCFC invites the Ladies and Young Girls of the Club to leave the boys at home & enjoy an evening amongst friends, with loads of dancing and half time fun.


Friday 26th June 2015

7.30pm til Midnight @ Shore Reserve

$30.00 Adults – $20.00 Girls U18  

Incl: Drink on arrival, DJ, delicious Finger Food, Door Prizes & Great Company


RSVP by Monday 22nd June 2015

Please contact social@wcfc.com.au, Karen Doherty (0438 243 982) or Rita Gauci (0409 216 706P

Prizes awarded to best dressed, so come GLAMMED UP IN FOOTY GEAR.

(Oh, and you might want to bring a spare pair of shoes for our goal kicking, handball and other half time games!)

Round 9 in Review

Round 9 Review
This round brought to you by
Daniel Hechter brings the French spirit and creative elegance of men’s and ladies’ fashion to the shores of Australia.
Visit Australian distributor and long-term WCFC support Expedition Apparel at their Brunswick Factory outlet (19-21 Miller Street, East Brunswick) and ask for their exclusive discount offer for West Coburg Football Club.  Open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-2pm
From the Pres.
The wild and windy Queen’s Birthday long-weekend provided a welcome respite from weekly footy commitments, and earmarked the approach into the back-half of the home-and-away season for our teams.  It’s night-and-day from where they were 9 rounds ago; testimony to the hard work and dedication of all our coaches and players.  Everyone should be congratulated on their efforts.
I’d like to remind everyone at this point in our season that WCFC is a community Club, and we rely on the efforts of volunteers not only to officiate at matches, but to help put on match day, set-up and pack-up the venues, and run the Club.  Ask your team manager what you can help them with on game day; if you’re playing first at home get to the ground a bit earlier to help set up; if you’re playing last, don’t rush off and leave pack-up to a few.
Our move to City Oval was critical for the future of the Club; and feedback from players, officials and supporters has been incredibly positive.  Unlike Shore Reserve and Brearley, we share City Oval during the footy season, meaning that every home game we need move our gear out of storage and set the ground up, and pack it all away at the close of play.  We really need more people helping out to setup and pack-up than we’re getting at the moment, so if you can afford an hour in the morning, or one after the Seniors finish it’ll be greatly appreciated.  We’d love to get Juniors playing at City Oval a couple of rounds next season, but can only seriously consider this once we can prove what we have now is sustainable.  Please get involved – it’s your Club.
Finally, there’s a big social side to what we do at West Coburg.  We had a spectacular Bingo Night for the families a couple of weeks ago and have got our Ladies ‘Footy Glam’ Night coming up at the end of this month, and our Annual Ball at the end of July.  This year the Ball is moving to the picturesque and historic Ascot House, complete with DJ to fire-up the dance floor.  Get your teammates and friends together and try to get along to what will be some nights to remember!
Coming Up …
Ladies and Young Girls of West Coburg – it’s time to leave the boys at home and enjoy an evening amongst friends, with loads of dancing and half-time fun.  Our Ladies ‘Footy Glam’ Night is happening Friday June 26 at Shore Reserve.
A night of fun & frivolity is planned; come along GLAMMED UP IN FOOTY GEAR.  We’ll have prizes for the best dressed, DJ, Finger Food & Door Prizes.  Bring a spare pair of shores for our goal kicking, handball and other half-time games.
RSVP by Monday June 22nd
Contact Karen Doherty (0438 243 982) or Rita Gauci (0409 216 706)
Senior Premier Division – LOST by 17
West Coburg            14.10 (94)
defeated by
Keilor                16.15 (111)
Goal KickersO. Saad 3, R. Cleary 2, T. Baravi 2, J. Morano 2, B. Thomson , M. Abdulwahed , M. Hammoud , M. Saad , J. Gloury 


Best PlayersB. Thomson , O. Saad , M. Abdulwahed , T. Pryde , O. Abdallah , B. Hopkins
Ladder Position: #8
Premier Reserves – LOST by 53
West Coburg            6.5 (41)
defeated by
Keilor                13.16 (94)
Goal KickersA. Yas 2, B. Drummond , J. Martini , A. Saad , S. Mete


Best PlayersT. Campbell , S. Elmi , S. Mete , A. Saad , B. Drummond , J. Martini


Ladder Position: #6
U18.5 Premier Division – LOST by 34
West Coburg            6.12 (48)
defeated by
Keilor                12.10 (82)
Goal KickersE. Pring , A. Dounias , T. McRostie , J. Marino , S. McKernan , W. Karaan 


Best PlayersD. Cleary , S. Dean Spagnolo , A. Dounias , T. McRostie , A. Careri , J. Marino


Ladder Position: #4


Round 10 Preview

U16 Division 1 – WON by 80
West Coburg            16.13 (109)    
Hillside                4.5 (29)

Goal Kickers: J. Rocco 5, I. Moussa 2, B. Fisher 2, J. Murat 2, D. De Fazio , M. Borg , J. Slavich , J. Cramer , J. Hickman
Best Players: J. Murat , B. Fisher , Z. Saad , T. Jennings , D. De Fazio , J. Rocco

Ladder Position: #3

IMG_6944Both teams lining up to pay respect to Mohammed Allouche with a minute’s silence

Photo : Jodie Cramer
IMG_7060Photo : Jodie Cramer

U16 Division 4 – WON by 35
West Coburg            11.12 (78)
Keilor                6.7 (43)

Goal Kickers H. Clayton 3, P. Boreham-Delaney 3, P. Patrikios 2, D. Watson 2, J. Swale  

Best PlayersJ. Favero , B. Karlsson , R. Skazas , J. Evans , D. Watson , P. Patrikios

Ladder Position: #1


U14 Division 2 – WON by 62
West Coburg            15.11 (101)    

Westmeadows        6.3 (39)

Goal KickersM. El Nabbout 4, L. Francione 3, D. Elnabbout 2, J. Horo 2, L. Trovatello , K. Yehia , J. Cikes , N. Minniti

Best PlayersM. Pilarinos , J. Cikes , D. Elnabbout , M. Khodr , J. Drummond , M. El Nabbout
Ladder Position: #1



Mark Orford in action as Boundary Umpire.  Dare completed Mark!

Photo : Ian Ross

U14 Division 6 – WON by 154
West Coburg            25.17 (167)

Craigieburn                2.1 (13)

Goal KickersA. Leggieri 5, L. Salter 4, M. Salvatori 4, A. Khodr 3, P. McCallum 2, P. Dounias 2, N. Ziogas 2, L. Caruso , M. Minniti , S. Black  

Best PlayersA. Leggieri , S. Black , L. Salter , M. Salvatori , A. El Nabbout , A. Khodr

Ladder Position: #4

U12 Division 2 – WON by 48
West Coburg            7.14 (56)    
Northern Saints        1.2 (8)

Goal Kickers: Y. Saad 3, F. Cathcart 2, L. Solano , R. Gauci 

Best Players: J. Cabansag , B. Rocco , J. Calleri , C. Matthews , J. Caligiuri , Y. Saad
Ladder Position: #5
U12 Division 5 – LOST by 52
West Coburg            0.1 (1)
defeated by
Craigieburn            7.11 (53)
Goal Kickers: None 
Best PlayersA. Zayat , X. Koch , T. McArdle , J. Blair , O. Cattlin , J. Ravalli
Ladder Position: #8
U10 Division 1 – LOST by 43
West Coburg            0.0 (0)
defeated by
Hillside                6.7 (43)    
Goal Kickers: None


Best Players: T. Reymers , M. Breci , A. Enderby , S. Desira , M. Gibilisco , V. Vecchie
Ladder Position: #7
U10 Division 6 – LOST by 41
West Coburg            1.0 (6)
defeated by
Keilor Park            7.5 (47)
Goal KickersL. Sullivan
Best Players C. El Khodr , P. BalaamGunderson , L. Sullivan , A. Farah , H. Ziogas , X. Bogaers
Ladder Position: #7
No scores kept