Thursday 13 July 2023

The West Coburg Sports Club, with support from the West Coburg Football Club, are pleased to announce they are replacing the old scoreboard at Shore Reserve.

This is being built with the assistance of generous government grant support.

This scoreboard will provide the sports club the ability to provide improved gameday experience for football and cricket with clear scoring information.

It also provides an important tool for broadcasting local community emergency messaging where required.

The new scoreboard is being moved closer to the clubrooms around the ground further away from the house fence line and trees.

It will replace an old scoreboard which is potential safety hazard and graffiti target.

The video board will start 3m from ground level and will hold a 3m x 2m video board. It will be attached to a steel structure.

The timeline for completion of this project is before the start of next years football season.

The sports and football club communities are very excited about this new scoreboard and the improvement it will bring to Shore Reserve.

We invite any community feedback via: