Thursday 01 June 2023

This week we see the introduction of trial rule changes after the EDFL and Clubs wrote an open letter to the community.

As mentioned in the letter, there has been an increase in incidents at games and on social media in the first few weeks of our game.

“We’ve seen disturbing altercations lately involving spectators and players – threatening behaviour, verbal abuse, and alarmingly, even isolated incidents of physical abuse.”

“These acts have NO place in our game. The damage anti-social behaviour does to our game cannot be understated.”

"We’ve seen too many umpires leave our game prematurely, too many young players driven away by the behaviour of their peers and/or adults, and too many community supporters who feel unsafe to attend the game they love."

The West Coburg Football Club ask that all members and supporters adhere to these changes to help stamp out these behaviours.