The Club has insurance cover via JLT Sports AFL Football National Risk Protection Programme. The policy details can be viewed here. This scheme covers over %90 of AFL football clubs in Australia, and Every EDFL club is covered the same way. This insurance is tightly coupled with

  1. Medicare, and
  2. Any Private Health Insurance you may have.

It is NOT a replacement for either.

It is merely an 'extra' that provides some cover for some 'non-medicare' extra costs that may occur. Due to the practicalities and nature of 'health care insurance', it is NOT possible for the club to provide separately for this type of insurance. Everyone in Australia is covered via medicare and if they choose so, via their own private health insurance. The Club in 2017 has updated their JLT insurance level to the Bronze level.What this means is that:

  1. If you do not have private health insurance, you are provided for via whatever medicare covers you for, plus %50 of what are deemed 'non-medicare' costs for services covered under the policy.
  2. If you do have private health insurance, and choose to use it, you are covered via your insurance cover, plus %50 of what are deemed 'non-medicare' costs for services covered under the policy.
  3. Claim limit is $2000
  4. Excess per claim is $100

In summary, what is generally covered includes Physio,  Chiro, Dental, Ambulance transport, Private Hospital Accomodation. What is generall NOT covered is Doctors fees,  surgeons fees,  anaesthestist fees, X-rays, public hospital costs, MRI scans.

The benefits of having your own private health insurance are a matter for you to personally decide and are obviously tied in with the policies of the government of the day, suffice to say it doesn't have anything to do with the club. You may consider taking out personal injury cover which may include loss of income cover via JLT. It is highly recommended that you take out Ambulance Cover. The club will have no hesitation in calling for an ambulance if it is deemed necessary by the club trainers.