Show your passion as a supporter of West Coburg Football Club by becoming a Social Member today.  

While players and their families have Club rights such as membership and voting at the annual general meeting, nothing says 'I'm Proud to be West Coburg' like a social membership.  It shows you're committed, passionate and bleed red, white and black.

Social Members receive special benefits not accessible to players or vanilla supporters; invitations to exclusive member events, drinks at bar prices both at Shore Reserve and City Oval bars. 

If you're interested, email for details and a registration form.

2023 Burger Bandits Membership Group

The West Coburg Football Club is excited to launch the 2023 Burger Bandits membership group. This is an amazing membership group that is growing in numbers every year. We would love to have all of our existing members to recommit and to welcome as many new members as possible, hopefully enough to double the size of the current group.

This is a membership that you get as much as you give, so it is now time to support the club we all love.

Check out the poster below to see all of the important information and SIGN UP TODAY!